About Us

Or should that be "about me", for I represent the company, and the company represents me. I am what's known as a portfolio professional. Essentially, this means simply that I have a wide range of income streams, not your traditional situation where people work regular hours for regular pay (i.e. a job, or career). My main passion is digital marketing, and it's those skills that I use across the range of my portfolio. You won't find me working on something outside of my area of expertise, but you will find me working a range of projects within digital marketing.

My 20-year career is driven by my passion and calling in digital marketing, and started in the very early days of the internet when you could first start placing banner ads on newsgroups. Since then, I've passed through email marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO & Programmatic. I landed on PPC around 9-10 years ago and built up some very specific skillsets. Data has become more usable recently and I've learned a lot about how it's best manipulated and visualised, which, in turn, has led onto automation in an effort to reduce resource levels and save costs for clients. It's been a constant iteration of skills.

My ethos now is to deliver digital marketing excellence to my clients, clients of all types, ranging from brands and businesses, through boardrooms and down to the grassroots level, mentoring. You can check out some of the things I'm involved or invested in below.

If you want to know more about being a portfolio professional, use the contact form and send me a message. I'm part of a great network community of business leaders who I can introduce you to.

9 Ball Marketing

My digital agency focussing on PPC, data and automation. Most of the work I do myself, however, during peak times, I may outsource to a small group of highly skilled contractors I have in my network.

Client Servicing

Having serviced clients such as P&G, General Motors, Disney and bet365 with annual budgets exceeding £20M, for both global and local agencies, I feel my experience is "extensive".

Board Advisory

If your board is looking for expertise and experience in digital marketing, a board advisor or non-executive director role would be something I'd be more than happy to assist with. Contact me for info.

Contractor / Consultant

I'm happy to take on short-term interim positions as a contractor, and act as a consultant on in-housing or outsourcing digital marketing, as well as leading client communications.


If you need a crash course provider or corporate trainer on paid search initiatives, you'd be hard-pushed to find a more experienced expert in the field of digital marketing than me.


Acting as a mentor for people of school age, university students and those new to the business. This is a service I offer for free and conducted by phone, video-chat or email.